Nathaniel Pearlman on Giving Back

December 7, 2017

We Can’t Solve All Inequality, But We Can Do Something.
Quick—think of the last three things you bought. Here’s my list: earmuffs for my eight-year-old, lunch out for my wife and her mother, and a wireless charger for my smartphone.
How about you? What did you buy?
Easy stuff, right? Food, clothing, basic necessities. Yet for too many of our neighbors, the decision to buy things isn’t so simple. It likely means a
sacrifice later in the month—ignoring the Pepco bill, for example, or skipping lunch.
That’s where the Lever Fund comes in.
I am a cofounder and the current board chair of an innovative nonprofit that finds, funds, and supports the local nonprofits who are really helping our neighbors to learn and earn their way out of poverty.
We evaluate these nonprofits as potential investments based on sophisticated metrics that help us determine their effectiveness.
What do you think? Can you help us support these star nonprofits that we identify?
It makes sense, because the rest of the board and I pay the overhead, 100% of your gift flows directly to the cause.
My wife Connie (who’s also on the board) and I always stress to our daughters their good fortune. Most kids their age don’t enjoy the same privileges that they do.
The Lever Fund is an investment that creates a lasting impact for the people in our community. Please make a donation today.
Above: At a recent Lever Fund dinner, board chairman Nathaniel Pearlman interviewed Mark Bezos about his time at the Robin Hood Foundation and his popular TED Talk.